Tuesday, 14 November 2017

AS Sociology - Year 12 - November 14th 2017 Essay Resources

Well done for remembering the password :-)

Here you'll find resources to help you with your essay. The essay will need to be handed in on TUESDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2017.

You are aiming to write a maximum of about twelve to sixteen paragraphs in total. That's four or five good points in your essay, each with three or four paragraphs (make the Point, give Evidence/Examples, then Evaluate using compare/contrast/critique, and finally Counter-Evaluate using compare/contrast/critique).

To help you organise your essay points and paragraphs, you can download and print this pdf document to write out your essay plan.

To help you with examples and evidence, you can download this pdf document to find some research / sociologists / evidence / examples to add to your essay. (This pdf is also a very handy revision resource, as you can easily view it on your phone while you are on the bus, in the car, revising quietly at home etc.)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

A2 Social Inequality - How Privatisation Increases Inequality

In The Public Interest (ITPI) is a research and policy center focused on privatisation and responsible contracting. Back in September 2016 it released a report on 'How privatization increases inequality'. The report raises genuine concerns about how privatisation increases inequality by causing fees to go up at the same time as causing wages to go down, thus widening social exclusion, The report breaks its findings down into five main sections:

  1. Creation of new user fees
  2. Increase in existing user fees
  3. Privatisation of the social safety net
  4. Decreased wages and benefits
  5. Increased socioeconomic and racial segregation

You can read about it here and you can download the report here.

AS Families and Households - How Trump shapes the position of women in societies around the world

This piece on the Huffington Post is relevant to studying the AS Families & Households unit: how policy is being used by Trump to shape the position of women in society. The question is, does it affect women in American society, or only women in the foreign countries that this aid is being withdrawn from?

Friday, 13 January 2017

A2 Social Inequality - Male to Male Income Inequality

Income Inequality Among Men

This article from the BBC was published on the 13th January 2017 and contains the latest analysis of a growing trend that is often invisible among other more obvious inequalities. But the fact remains that income inequality among men is growing while the opposite trend is the case among women.

A2 Social Inequality - latest ONS report 2017

Has Social Inequality Been Getting Worse?

This article (published Tuesday 10th Jan 2017 on the BBC News website) reports a gradual decline in general trends of income inequality in the UK over the last decade using the Gini Coefficient published in the latest Office of National Statistics report on income inequality. Is this a reliable conclusion, or does this general trend mask some specific areas where income inequality is increasing though?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AS Families and Households - What's a Family For?

What's a Family For? And how have families changed in recent times? A series of tasks based on some short videos, in place of the lesson that Year 12 AS Sociology missed on Tuesday 10th Jan.

A2 Social Inequality - Danny Dorling

Seeing Social Inequality through the eyes of Danny Dorling, social geographer.

(As our class may not run today due to a perfect storm of external factors beyond our control, here are a series of tasks for you to investigate and make notes on, based around the work of social researcher Danny Dorling).