Friday, 13 January 2017

A2 Social Inequality - Male to Male Income Inequality

Income Inequality Among Men

This article from the BBC was published on the 13th January 2017 and contains the latest analysis of a growing trend that is often invisible among other more obvious inequalities. But the fact remains that income inequality among men is growing while the opposite trend is the case among women.

  • The number of men in low-paid part-time work has increased four-fold over the last 20 years
  • One in five low-paid men aged 25 to 55 now work part-time (While 95% of top-earning men normally work full-time, 20% of the lowest paid now work part-time)
  • 60% of these low-paid part-time jobs are in sectors such as retail, wholesale or hospitality where women have traditionally been employed
Is there a growing trend of women becoming better educated and gaining roles in better-paid full-time employment, pushing some men into the employment sectors that traditionally used to employ less-educated women?

The full Office of National Statistics report on income inequality can be found here:

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