Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AS Families and Households - What's a Family For?

What's a Family For? And how have families changed in recent times? A series of tasks based on some short videos, in place of the lesson that Year 12 AS Sociology missed on Tuesday 10th Jan.

Task 1: Watch the following video for some ideas about different types of family and what functions a family might serve:


Question 1: Write down the different types of family that are mentioned. Can you think of any other types to add to this list?

Question 2: Write down the functions that are mentioned in this video as being performed by familes. Can you think of any other functions to add to this list?

Task 2: Watch this next video about how families might have changed between the 1950s and the 2000s in the eyes of students making a project for their studies:


Question 1: Have things changed much in terms of family structures? Make a list of the ways that families are still the same as they used to be, according to this short video.

Question 2: What is different now? Make a list of things that have changed and that make family life different today.

Task 3: Now watch this slightly more in-depth video where issues are explored and data is presented:


Question 1: Make a note of at least five significant differences that have emerged in modern family trends.

Question 2: For each of the significant differences in Question 1, write an explanation for why these aspects of family life might have changed.

Make sure your notes on each of the tasks and questions are up to the job (you'll be wanting them to be good enough to revise from!) and come to class on Monday 16th Jan 2017 prepared to discuss these and other issues.

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