Sunday, 25 September 2016

Week Beginning Mon 26th Sep 2016

This week we are all (both AS and A2 classes) going to try out a bit of 'Flipped Learning' (sometimes known as 'Flipped Classroom'). This is basically where students will watch and take notes on a video about the topic before coming to class. You are going to be given information and links to the topics that we will be working on next week, so that you can watch and make notes on them this week.

Benefits of a Flipped approach

A lot of students prefer this style of learning, as they can pause the teacher and rewatch sections of the lesson information as much as they wish.

They also come to class armed with the right knowledge and notes, and are able to use lesson time for interactive activities with other well-informed students, and get more teacher assistance on any areas they wish.

Students can choose when and where they watch and rewatch the lesson materials, so for example could watch and take notes in bed one evening, and then rewatch the video while on the bus or in the car on their way into school.

Students who miss lessons can now easily catch up on the topic and then can arrange with other students to go through some interactive tasks, which will also help those other students with their knowledge and revision.

Revision becomes easier as students can review lesson materials as many times as they wish, as well as their own notes (which they can also continually add to and improve).

Watch this short video

You can watch this short video to understand more about how we will use a Flipped approach.

(video to go here)

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